Exclusive: Madame Webb Cast/Character Confirmation!

Share this: Sony’s Spider-Verse movie Madame Web He has been busy filming in and around Boston in recent weeks. Dakota Johnson And the Adam Scott Paparazzi and other onlookers were caught filming, and some attractive actresses were added to the cast. Additions Emma Roberts And the Sydney Sweeney It especially sparked great speculation about who … Read more

Tiffany Haddish used the girls’ trip paycheck to pay her house rent

“I used it to pay the house rent because I was always afraid of being homeless again.” Tiffany Haddish He knows how to save “Like a Boss”. The homeless actress revealed her spending habits, including living on $500 a month early in her career, when she began booking roles in Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You … Read more

Nicholas Galtzen on the possibility of a sequel to Purple Hearts

Nicholas Galtzen He is having a big moment. after championship Amazon Prime Cinderella side by side Camila Cabello Last year, the English actor gained widespread attention for his latest role in Netflix purple hearts with Sophia Carson. Where Released on July 29It was a romantic drama Watched for over 150 million hours make it Netflix’s … Read more

Watch the amazing test tapes for kids from Stranger Things

young crew Weird things They all grew up. But before the hit Netflix The series premiered in July 2016, and they were still just kids and had to go through an audition process like any other. As show director Carmen Cuba says in a New video interview for Vanity Fair – which also includes clips … Read more

Kim Kardashian, 41, “supportive” of ex Pete Davidson, 28, who is receiving treatment

Kim Kardashian is happy that her ex-husband is getting the help he needs, it was claimed. A source said on Wednesday PageSix That 41-year-old beauty is supporting 28-year-old SNL vet Pete Davidson to continue his work with a therapist. “Kim was very supportive of Pete going for treatment,” a source told the site. It was … Read more

‘Their League’ pulls awkward double play

Catherine Van Arendonk A critic who writes about television and comedy. You get angry when people say TV is a ten-hour movie. The separate arcs of Carson by Abby Jacobson and Max by Shante Adams don’t quite fade away like the stories in their own leaguebut it makes perfect sense as two stories About a … Read more

15 years of Neil Gaiman’s adaptation

Today, Stardust is 15 years old.picture: Basic I also sat down to re-visit Matthew Vaughn adaptation subordinate Neil Gaiman’s novel stardustA family friend who was visiting asked me a question. “what are you watching?” “stardust. “What is this?” “This fantasy movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro.” “I’ve never heard of it before.”Henry Cavill … Read more

Warner Bros. has just canceled another project expected in the capital

by Charlene Badsey | printed 5 minutes in the past Warner Bros. Discovery is making some brutal cuts to its upcoming catalog, utilizing bat lady being the largest causation. Now, the DC Comics collection unusual adventures It has been formally added to the trash heap. The information was revealed by Kevin Smith throughout his final … Read more