16 easy exercises that can improve your posture

have you ever laxity In the textures department? Thanks to smartphones, iPads, and more, many of us spend our days with our necks staring at our devices. Working from home has also caused complications, which experts affectionately refer to as “epidemiological situation. “ Explained Trista Zen, coach and founder of Coreset Fitness. The best way … Read more

Should you stretch before or after exercise?

picture: Daptrus (stock struggle) When should you stretch? As with many aspects of Fitness, there are different schools of opinion, and I studied, as it were, with each of them. I stretch before workouts because that’s what everyone does; I have Give up stretching before you work out Because I felt that the negatives outweighed … Read more

5 alternative lunges for people with poor knees

Lunges It is an excellent mono exercise that helps build coordination and balance, and also enhances lower body strength, flexibility, and mobility. Unfortunately, lunges can be really challenging for people with bad knees, making the exercise more painful and less beneficial. The good news is that there are many alternatives to lunges that you can … Read more

3 best resistance exercises anywhere

Sometimes the little things pack a surprising punch. This pretty much sums up resistance exercises. color coded, portable equipment It used to be the underappreciated tool in the gym, often reserved for the physical therapist or the older crowd. This is not the case today. Resistance bands have made a serious impact on fitness enthusiasts … Read more

Bad Side Abs Workout – Try These 3 Oblique Exercises

It’s time to face the truth: You’re not giving your love handles any love by doing side bends. In a way, side bends are still an exercise you’ll see on the floor of almost any commercial gym, as men strive to work oblique muscles. But when it comes to strengthening your midsection or even slimming … Read more

Lee Suckling: snoring, taking selfies, throwing weights – all the weird things guys do in the gym

It turns out that guys have some weird habits when it comes to the gym, Lee Sockling wrote. photo / 123rf Opinion: Masculinity is strange and fragile. Society has been talking about this in theory over the past few years, as we try to deconstruct traditional gender roles. However, in the gym, masculinity in its … Read more