Pharma stocks explode as investors prepare for litigation fees

shares GlaxoSmithKlineAnd the Sanofi And the halon They all sold off sharply this week, losing tens of billions of market value, as investors feared potential US litigation fees focused on the popular heartburn drug Zantac. This has been a known issue bouncing around in the background for years, but investor anxiety exploded this week in … Read more

Committed to global health, and each other

Dr. Courtney Jo Pedersen saw Edward Cullen Byrne as more of an obstacle than a potential suitor when he offered to buy her a drink during a Yale men’s and women’s alumni rugby teams meeting in September 2015. “He was standing between me and the dance floor,” said Dr. Pedersen, who wore a Hello Kitty-style … Read more

UH Richmond Medical Center will stop emergency services for new patients on August 12; Police training to keep schools safe from fire

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio – Fire Chief Mark Newman provided the City Council on Tuesday (August 9) an update on the closure of UH Richmond Medical Center, 27100 Chardon Rd. On August 7, Newman said, UH stopped transporting patients to Richmond Medical Center from other hospitals. On August 8, all inpatients were transferred to other facilities. … Read more

Are psoriasis and psoriatic rheumatic disease underdiagnosed in underserved groups?

patients with psoriasis And the Psoriatic arthritis A study based on National Registry data suggests that people from disadvantaged groups may not get the health care they need due to a lack of access. Megan Tran “Using the All of Us dataset, we determined lower rates of psoriasis And the Psoriatic arthritis Lead author Megan … Read more

CDC eases coronavirus guidance, indicating strategic shift

Placeholder while loading article actions UnlockThis article is free to access. why? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday eased many of its recommendations to combat the coronavirus, a strategic shift that places more of the burden on individuals, rather than schools, businesses and other institutions, to limit the spread of the virus. … Read more

The book has insight, and there is no clear answer to the picture of the Northham Yearbook

An investigative effort by a Virginia author to uncover the origins of a racist image in the medical school yearbook page of Ralph Northam has ended inconclusive, according to the author, who has written a book that provides new details about the 2019 scandal and the former governor’s remarkable political survival. RICHMOND, Virginia (Associated Press) … Read more

How a small Canadian city dealt with chronic homelessness

Last year, Medicine Hat in Alberta announced that it had become the first city in Canada to reach career zero for chronic homelessness. In 1998, the mayors of many of Canada’s largest cities declared homelessness a natural disaster. As the problem worsens, after nearly a decade, the Alberta provincial government has given seven cities in … Read more

The Regenerative Medicine Alliance has announced the appointment of Timothy D. Hunt as CEO

Alliance for Regenerative Medicine The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine announces the appointment of Timothy D Hunt as CEO Washington DC – August 10, 2022 The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), the leading international advocacy organization representing the cell and gene therapy sector, officially announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Timothy D. Hunt … Read more

Commonwealth Magazine

President From the Massachusetts Nurses Affiliation says there is no such thing as a scarcity of nurses within the state, only a scarcity of nurses prepared to work below present employment situations. Hospitals insist on it they wrestle With a scarcity of nurses, they’re pressured to rent momentary replacements at nice price. A June survey … Read more