Can nature-based alternatives to seawalls block waves? | US news

Regions across the United States staring at greater risk of flooding due to severe weather and rising sea levels are turning to a stark solution: building a wall. In Miami, a 20-foot-high seawall has been proposed. In Charleston, South Carolina, a $1.1 billion plan to build a seawall around downtown is awaiting congressional approval. And … Read more

place and time | Adventist review

In the space in front of me, the (Atomic Clock) app measures the moment in 1/100The tenth From a second, so fast that the numbers tremble and flicker to become unreadable (try counting 99 numbers per second). This is how the moment quickly sweeps us over or, perhaps, how the moment quickly leaves us behind … Read more

In his new book, Nobel laureate and cosmologist James Peebles points out that the universe is simpler than it appears.

In the late 1970s, French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour spent two years at the Salk Institute observing molecular biologists the way an anthropologist might monitor a tribe of hunters/gatherers. Ultimately, Latour came to the view that scientific facts are not simply discovered but rather constructed through a social process that depends in part on … Read more

The global genetic testing market is growing at a rate of 10% until 2026

Global Genetic Testing Market Report 2022 – Market Size, Trends and Forecast 2022-2026 Global Business Research Company Genetic Testing Market Report 2022 – Market Size, Trends and Global Forecast 2022-2026 London, Greater London, UK, 12 August 2022 / – According to the “Global Genetic Testing Market Report 2022 – Market Size, Trends, and Global Forecast … Read more

The United States spent six lost decades in the climate war. It finally gained ground | climate crisis

Scientists’ warning to the US president about the climate crisis was stark: the nations of the world were conducting a vast and dangerous experiment with their massive release of the planet’s heat emissions, which threaten to be “harmful from the point of view of humans.” They urged some kind of remedial action. This solemn warning … Read more

Trillionaires and the Burning Planet: The Complete Deal

It feels appalling, watching Senator Joe Manchin weigh down congressional Democrats’ efforts to tackle climate change with fossil-fuel gifts, then watching Kyrsten Sinema hold Macin’s watered-down legislation hostage until a clause is stripped away that narrows a huge tax law loophole that benefits private equity billionaires. We all know time is running out: We’ll likely … Read more

Researchers find new ways to guide fusion using lasers and magnetic fields

Associate Professor Arigit Bos is a new member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Delaware. Received a grant from Sandia National Laboratory to study self-contained fusion that uses magnetizing pressure to produce nuclear fusion. Credit: Jeffrey C. Chase Imagine you’re trying to summon the Sun into your research lab. Yes, … Read more

British researchers believe that somatic mutations play a vital role in aging, longevity and death

Understanding why some mutations impair normal body functions and contribute to cancer may lead to new clinical laboratory diagnoses. New insight into human genes It may help explain the aging process and provide clues to improving human longevity that could be useful to clinical laboratories and researchers developing cancer diagnoses. A recent study conducted in … Read more

Take a look at 7 amazing photos of wildlife in their unnatural habitat: the urban world

Seeing an animal on an empty street in the dead of night can feel strange and life affirming. During the pandemic in particular, city dwellers were shocked to see daring animals roaming the deserted streets of enclosed urban spaces. deer in paris, goats On the streets of Llandudno in Wales and even puma haunt the … Read more