Can nature-based alternatives to seawalls block waves? | US news

Regions across the United States staring at greater risk of flooding due to severe weather and rising sea levels are turning to a stark solution: building a wall. In Miami, a 20-foot-high seawall has been proposed. In Charleston, South Carolina, a $1.1 billion plan to build a seawall around downtown is awaiting congressional approval. And … Read more

The United States spent six lost decades in the climate war. It finally gained ground | climate crisis

Scientists’ warning to the US president about the climate crisis was stark: the nations of the world were conducting a vast and dangerous experiment with their massive release of the planet’s heat emissions, which threaten to be “harmful from the point of view of humans.” They urged some kind of remedial action. This solemn warning … Read more

Newsom outlines a comprehensive strategy to enhance water supply

As California’s historic drought continues due to global warming, Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday released a new plan to adapt to the state’s hotter, drier future by capturing and storing more water, recycling more sewage, and desalinating seawater and saline groundwater. The new governor’s water supply strategy, detailed in A 16 page document It lays … Read more

Forest fires in France: Europe deteriorates as recurring heatwaves wreak havoc

After days of battles, French firefighters noticed the first signs of slowing fires in the southwestern Gironde region on Thursday afternoon. “The fires did not increase much during the day, despite the very low humidity and high temperatures, thanks to the combined action of the specially provided means,” Mark Vermeulen, Gironde fire chief, said at … Read more

Massachusetts passes massive climate and clean energy bill

Placeholder while loading article actions Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (right) on Thursday signed a major climate and clean energy bill that contains sweeping policies targeting renewables, transportation and fossil fuels — a move lawmakers and advocates say is critical to supporting the state’s goal of Reach net zero emissions by 2050. Baker’s decision to sign … Read more

The Arctic is warming faster as the impact of climate change intensifies

Placeholder while loading article actions For residents of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, the US’s recent success in coming up with a significant chunk of climate change legislation may seem like too little, too late. Over the past forty years, as the world’s largest historical source of greenhouse gases frequently Failing to take significant climate … Read more

Nonprofit says recycling center has been burdened with residents for years, and needs stricter oversight from NJ DEP

Harmful smoke rising in the southern part of the city. Explosions can be heard throughout the city centre. Vibration of walls in buildings located on the waterfront. Camden residents have all had problems over the years, which they say are related to the practices going on at the nearby Eastern Metal Recycling facility. Eastern Metal … Read more