Take a look at 7 amazing photos of wildlife in their unnatural habitat: the urban world

Seeing an animal on an empty street in the dead of night can feel strange and life affirming. During the pandemic in particular, city dwellers were shocked to see daring animals roaming the deserted streets of enclosed urban spaces. deer in paris, goats On the streets of Llandudno in Wales and even puma haunt the … Read more

Farmers eliminated habitats to reduce disease from wildlife. For the birds, their efforts backfired.

2006 fatal coli bacteria An outbreak traced to spinach from a Central California farm has prompted farmers to clear the meadows and forests that line their fields, amid concerns that they are harboring disease-carrying wild animals. It turns out that this strategy may do more harm than good. Scientists learned that birds on California farms … Read more

Explaining America’s Wildlife Restoration Act

The Biden administration is about to enact a law The largest part of climate legislation Ever, after the Senate passed Inflation Reduction Act Sunday by consecutive vote on the party lines. But there’s actually another huge piece of environmental legislation that could soon become law — and it has bipartisan support. known by the acronym … Read more

What are animal crossings? Do they help drivers and wildlife? | Opinion

Habitat fragmentation due to Population growth The changing climate in the American West poses unprecedented challenges to the very lands that support our people and wildlife. Utah is seeing more frequent huge firesthe drought that drains Great Salt Lake And increased development that significantly impacts the region’s wildlife heritage that supports a multi-million dollar recreational … Read more

Summer wildlife photography competitions are underway for everyone

Close-up of a white butterfly pollinating a purple flower. Shot from below, a diver over a wreck with a huge school of fishing after his travels. A hiding owl looks directly into the camera. These are three recent winners of the amateur divisions of several summer environmental photography competitions in southwest Florida. Some offer cash … Read more

This wildlife sanctuary cares for the pangolin, the most trafficked mammal in the world

CNN – in Libasa Wildlife Sanctuary In Liberia, West Africa, Juty Deh Jr is bottle feeding an orphaned baby pangolin. These small, scaly creatures are believed to be the world’s most trafficked mammal. Pangolins are found throughout Africa and Asia, but All eight species are in danger of extinctionThey are killed for their meat and … Read more

‘Big win’ for wildlife enthusiasts: What’s next for Utah’s newest Wildlife Management District

A photo of a pond in the Cinnamon Creek Wildlife Management Area taken on Friday. The Wildlife Management District opened on Friday. (Utah Department of Wildlife Resources) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes Avon, Kashi County – Cinnamon Creek, with its rolling hills and platforms of aspen trees, has been attracting anglers and fishermen for years. … Read more

Why the UK import ban threatens wildlife conservation

Cup hunting, in which animals with characteristics such as bighorns are legally hunted, and their meat usually eaten – is a matter of great controversy. While some argue that Unethical It offers few benefits, others say important incentive To conserve threatened species and habitats by helping generate revenue for local governments and communities. restrictions On … Read more

USFWS announces $1.5 billion in annual funding for Mississippi wildlife agencies to receive $16.6 million – Best Mississippi Community Newspaper

WASHINGTON – The US Fish and Wildlife Service in the present day introduced a report $1.5 billion in annual funding by the Fish and Sports activities Wildlife Restoration (WSFR) program to help state and native out of doors leisure alternatives, wildlife and habitat conservation efforts. Below the 2022 appropriations, Mississippi will obtain $14,287,539 for wildlife … Read more