The potential of virtual reality-based therapy for serious mental disorders

In June of this year, it was announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had awarded UK-based OxfordVR an innovative device designation for its gameChangeVR therapy to deliver immersive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for people with schizophrenia and mental illness. other. . The FDA’s Breakthrough Device Program is for medical devices or device-led … Read more

DVIDS – News – NUWC students at Newport and Baylor University aim to advance the autonomous capabilities of robots

NEWPORT, RI – The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) The Newport Department is partnering with Baylor University in a Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC) project to improve the autonomous capabilities of robotics. The goal of this project, titled “Improving Robot Autonomy Using Neural-Based Stochastic Computing,” is to use new computing techniques to provide improved autonomous … Read more

Association member: We have a historic opportunity to give everyone a high-speed internet service | Opinion

Written by Shavonda E. Sumter President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill has given New Jersey a golden opportunity to provide high-speed Internet access to thousands of unconnected families across our state. To achieve this goal, state agencies in Trenton need to make fair decisions about how they spend $100 million or more in federal broadband funding … Read more

Nvidia: Avatars Could Replace Human Speakers

(NVIDIA disclosed is a client of the author) Nvidia this week Present his view of the future of the Metaverse at Siggraph. As expected, it was a multimedia show where each set of visuals reinforced the points the different speakers were talking about. Much of the presentation focused on avatars and how Nvidia gadgets can, … Read more

VISION Startup World Finalists Announced | Business

organizers Vision She released the list of startups that will compete in the Startup World event that is now held annually. Startups focused on image processing and computer vision will present their innovations. Technologies range from the latest camera technology to software from Artificial intelligenceDeep learning for image processing systems. The Startup Bids 2022 session … Read more

The forgotten woman who invented modern computing | History | News

The Dawn of the Computer Age: The Six Women Learned ENIAC Programming (Photo: Corbis, The Bartik family) But these women were not just an ornament. They were the prodigies of mathematics who devised the programming language that brought the supercomputer back to life, paving the way for the revolution that put personal computers and laptops … Read more

How to send text messages from your Mac or PC

Placeholder while loading article actions It’s 2022. The same cars drive around some cities. Some types of clothes become automatic. At least a few people are convinced of that Artificial intelligence has become self-aware. So why is sending a text message from your computer still a bit of a crapshoot sometimes? True, it’s not true … Read more