Association member: We have a historic opportunity to give everyone a high-speed internet service | Opinion

Written by Shavonda E. Sumter President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill has given New Jersey a golden opportunity to provide high-speed Internet access to thousands of unconnected families across our state. To achieve this goal, state agencies in Trenton need to make fair decisions about how they spend $100 million or more in federal broadband funding … Read more

Nearly 40% of Sonoma County households qualify for free internet, but only a tenth have registered

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits, drawbacks, and subscription Approximately 71,600 households in Sonoma County You can get free high speed internet via a Federal Support ProgramHowever, only about 10% of those eligible were enrolled. Likewise, enrollment rates in Marin and Napa counties are low. In Mendocino and Lake counties, where more … Read more

What does it take to connect rural Minnesota to high-speed Internet?

Brandon, Minnesota. Outside the city limits of Brandon, work is underway to build a small town in America: high-speed Internet access. Late on a July afternoon, crews installed a fiber-optic cable to connect 63 homes to high-speed Internet, an effort that will take about 100 days from start to finish to completion. The infrastructure laid … Read more

Best Internet Providers in Philadelphia: Verizon or Xfinity

When shopping for home internet in Philadelphia, don’t expect to be blown away by the variety of available providers in your area. In all likelihood, you’ll have two primary choices: Verizon, which may include Fios and 5G home internet, or Xfinity. While more options would be nice, Verizon Fios and Xfinity offer all you could … Read more

opinion | Why is the English language changing faster than you can say Email, email, email

Placeholder while loading article actions Benjamin Dreyer is executive editor and copy director at Random House and author of “English Dreyer: A Perfectly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style. “ A few months ago, The Post’s style stylists, quietly rebranded the name of what brings you these words, from “Internet” to “Internet.” I hope my … Read more

The Internet of Things needs an ultra-small device

image: A review of the operating case of ultrafine capacitors concludes that there is still a lot of research to be done before these devices can deliver on their promise. Opinion more Credit: Nano Research Energy The growing demand for ultra-small electronic sensors from healthcare, environmental services and the Internet of Things is prompting a … Read more